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Unearthing Opal Live

Unearthed Australian Opal is set to make opal industry history with an unprecedented event, Unearthing Opal Live


This groundbreaking occasion brings together live opal mining and a simultaneous auction of any rough opal discovered during the event. 


Taking place on August 2, Unearthing Opal Live will be a thrilling 3.5-hour live stream from an opal mine in Coober Pedy, the renowned Opal Capital Of The World.

As an opal enthusiast and or a collector from anywhere around the globe, you will witness a world-first as Unearthing Opal Live combines the captivating elements of real-time opal mining with the excitement of a live auction.


This unique event will allow you to watch the mining process unfold before your eyes, ask Dan or Renee any questions you have about the process, and then bid on the gems as they are unearthed.

This will be an unparalleled opportunity to acquire opals with genuine provenance.

Unearthing Opal Live: August 2, 2023.


The live stream will take you deep into our opal mine in Coober Pedy, in outback South Australia, a location steeped in opal mining heritage and renowned for producing exquisite gemstones.


From the comfort of your home, you'll experience the thrill of opal mining, just as if you were standing alongside Dan and Renee themselves. 


Every sweep of the black light looking for opal in the darkness, and every moment of anticipation will be captured and shared in real time.


While online auctions for opals are not uncommon, Unearthing Opal Live takes this experience to an entirely new level.


This will be the first time opal enthusiasts have been able to not only witness opal mining in real time but also be able to immediately take part in a live auction to bid on the gems freshly discovered from the mine. 


This will be the closest thing to experiencing real mining because you'll share the anticipation that accompanies prospecting; will we find any, or won't we?

Dan says Unearthing Opal Live will allow him to combine his family's opal mining heritage with cutting-edge technology to provide an immersive and authentic experience that we'll hope you'll join in.


Unearthing Opal Live: August 2, 2023.

  • How does the auction work?
    To be part of Unearthing Opal Live, you only need to do two things. Firstly, make sure you have clicked to say you are going to our Livestream Event (this way, Facebook will remind you when we’re starting - it would be disappointing to miss it). And the second step is to make sure you have clicked to like or follow our Page, so that you can comment on the night and place your bid or ask questions. Set up to comment here:
  • How do I bid?
    During the event UAO will offer opal for auction. You MUST LIKE the live page to beable to bid. Bids are taken via the comment section on the Facebook Live window and the highest bidder wins. The auction times and duration will not be set or limited. Set up for bidding here:
  • How long does the event go for?
    The event will start at 5:30pm (ACST) and aim to be finished around 9 PM (ACST).
  • If I buy multiple items that total $300 AUD or more is shipping free?
  • How do I get invoiced or pay for the items I have won in bidding?
    UAO will message you on facebook messenger with instructions.
  • Are there Terms and Conditions?
    Yes, there are terms and conditions. Please visit
  • Can I ask questions about opal or the mining process during the event?
    Yes, we encourage questions and interaction. Make sure you click join or like to activate commenting on the live.
  • Is the weight provided accurate?
    The weight given for previously prepared opal that has been cleaned is accurate. For Opal that is extracted during the event, it may be heavier as full cleaning is not possible onsite.
  • Does UAO have a website?
    Yes, we have Rough opal, Cut and Polished, Fossils and Jewellery listed.
  • Can I come and experience Opal Mining with UAO?
    Yes absolutely, check out or Unearthing Opal Stays page on our website.
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