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Unearthing Opal Experience

Introducing Unearthing Opal Experience, launching soon!


Join us for a must-do hands-on real deal mining adventure where you join forces with us to hunt for the elusive gem in our working opal Mine with our equipment in the cool of night.


Get your hands dirty swinging a pick, wrangling a jack pick and wielding a UV black lighting after the 50 Tonne Excavator reveals never seen before opal bearing ground.


With 2 generations of experience, we have developed an efficient mining technique in an easy to access open cut mine. No ladders or winches as we drive right down into the open sky mine. We will have the mine site prepared for you in advance, so that your time spent at the mine is digging on the level maximising the chance of unearthing opal!

If we find a “big one”  you will have the first-hand experience and excitement in unearthing & holding a beautiful, coloured opal and see the magnificence that they exhibit.


Make no mistake….If we get onto Opal, you help us dig it out!


Check back soon for more information launch date and booking information. Subscribe to be the first to know when we launch Unearthing Opal Experience!

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