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Dan and Renee are on OUTBACK OPAL HUNTERS!

We are excited to announce that Dan & Renee are on Episode 5 of Outback Opal Hunters. See the post from their FB page below OUTBACK OPAL HUNTERS FB PAGE

"UK friends  we're halfway through our ALL NEW season, with plenty of great telly  to go!!

Episode 5 of Outback Opal Hunters is dropping on Quest at 9:00pm GMT tonight   

'Dig and Digger'

Sam Mehan smashes valuable opal with a jackhammer in the Bushmen’s mine and Rod and Les make a wager that will force the loser to don one of Sam’s pink shirts… in public.

The Mooka Boys Matt and Cozza fight fading memories and each other as they retrace their steps from 15 years ago in search of a fabled opal level at the bottom of a dried creek bed.

New team and new couple, Dan Measey and Renee Everest, take a gamble on an abandoned old timers’ mine and Dan risks their blossoming romance by forcing Renee to ride his massive excavator bucket to dangerous heights."

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