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  1. Question: Does UAO supply opal from other regions in Australia or the world? Answer: UAO’s mining operation is based in Coober Pedy and therefore we supply only Opal from the Coober Pedy Opal Fields. On occasions opal maybe listed that has been a part of family collections that has originated from other locations. In such case the description will advise accordingly.

  2. Question: Can UAO cut an polish opal that I have purchased or have it set in jewellery? Answer: We have a network of trusted cutters and jewellers that specialise in working with opal. Upon request we are happy to advise on the most appropriate specialist to suit your needs and provide their contact details.

  3. Question: Where is Coober Pedy Answer?: Coober Pedy is located in a remote desert  region of South Australia approximately 850 Kms north of Adelaide.

  4. Question: How often is stock updated? Answer: Whilst we hope to find Opal every week to offer our customers, the reality of Opal mining is that despite efforts miners can work for weeks, months or even years without finding any opal.

  5. Question: How old are the Opal Specimens? Answer: The marine specimens were alive some 110-120 Million years ago and the opal that filled the voids they created is approximately 70 million years old. 

  6. Question: How is the Opal photographed and videoed? Answer: We utilise different lighting and cameras in the effort to present the opal the way the human eye see’s the stone. Unfortunately due to the nature of Opal it’s real beauty can never be accurately reproduced in a photo or video. We do not apply enhancing software to images or video.

  7. Question: Does UAO work all year round? Answer: The Australian outback is a harsh environment and Opal mining is hard on man and machine. With Coober Pedy summer (December to March) temperatures reaching over 45 Degree’s C (113 F) we aim to avoid mining through such months or we mine only at night when it cools slightly. But don’t worry we will always aim to have stock available for sale on our website.


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