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Introducing “Unearthed Australian Opal” to an international market!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Dan started to dream of opening his very own mining and sales business in the opal capital of the world some time ago… and now, after over 20 years of mining experience – Unearthed Australian Opal is here!

Founder and lead miner Dan Measey says that his motivation to create this exciting new business is to find, share and include “You” in the adventure of discovering the most beautiful opals Australia has to offer.

Come feel the rush as we chase the elusive Australian opal! Join our newsletter and experience the excitement of purchasing and owning your very own Unearthed Australian Opal finds! Our online shop will feature rough, cut & polished and specimens.


You are invited to become part of our Unearthed Australian Opal community and this exhilarating new business.

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